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McConnell backs up sessions amid waning support; Source: support in senate for Sessions waning; McConnell: "I have total confidence in the attorney general and I think he ought to stay exactly where his is."; McConnell has "total confidence" in AG Sessions while other Republicans suggest a change; Source: AG sessions getting calls of support from fmr colleagues in congress; Giuliani: haven't heard from special counsel in 3 weeks; Three AZ GOP primary candidates wrestle to cozy up to Trump; Some Republicans reject renaming building after McCain; PR Gov: "the buck stops with me" on Maria response; study: Hurricane Mara killed nearly 3,000 people; N. Korea: talks to denuclearize "may fall apart"; Ex-CIA Dir: we're at a tense moment with N. Korea; Trump in June: no longer a nuclear threat from N. Korea; Toxic green goo seeps into tonight's Florida vote via Knit

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