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Dow tumbles as recession indicator flashes first warning in a decade; Officials: Trump watching markets, frustrated at trade team and fed; Trump blames fed, not trade war, after recession warning; Sources: Dem aides skeptical White House, Congress will take action on expanding background checks; Sources: Trump telling aides he thinks he needs to take concrete step on gun reform; Harris unveils new plan to keep guns from domestic terrorists; Warren campaigns in New Hampshire one day ahead of Trump; Warren suggests she would repeal '94 crime bill; 2020 candidates push aggressive gun reform plans; Julian Castro buys anti-Trump ad on Fox News, blames Trump's rhetoric for El Paso shooting; Should some Dem presidential candidates drop out and run for Senate instead?; Houston Chronicle: "Beto come home... Texas needs you"; Rep. King: Might not be humans left if not for incest & rape; WaPo: McConnell campaign says he "was not aware of any potential Russian investor" in KY deal; Chinese military units sit near Hong Kong border after unrest; Hong Kong police fire tear gas at protestors; Former top general on Trump's handling of global issues; Pentagon report says ISIS is "re-surging in Syria"; Navy seals under review after series of alcohol, drug scandals; New lawsuit targets Epstein, alleged madam, 3 associates; NYT: Guards hadn't checked on Epstein for 3 hours before he died via Knit

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Dow tumbles on Trump's tariff threat, weak jobs report; U.S. sanctions Putin's inner circle; Trump calls Pruitt a good man as scandals grow; Judge grants Trump attorney's extension in lawsuit
April 6, 2018