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U.S. Coast Guard makes 200+ rescues in the Bahamas; Dorian Survivor: Water lifted my roof, carried away my son; At least 30 killed in Bahamas; death toll expected to soar; Nassau airfield now a staging ground for aid & rescue crews; Nassau hospital; scrambling to save lives days after Dorian; Sources: Bolton-Pompeo relationship now all-out hostility; Jobs report another sign U.S. economy slowing; Wash Post: Trump himself doctored hurricane map with sharpie; Trump campaign cashing in by selling Trump sharpies; Dems expand probes into Trump possibly profiting from presidency; Dems may call Stormy Daniels to testify on hush money payments; Decaying school on military base loses money to Trump's wall; McConnell blames Dems over diverting military funds; CNN: Investigators find evidence that seller of the gun used in shooting rampage was manufacturing firearms; Owner to CNN affiliate: Cousin borrowed Jeep left on beach via Knit

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