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Trump: "may declare national emergency" to build wall; Sources: Allies warn Trump his immigration argument isn't resonating; Still no clear solution as Trump plans primetime speech; Sources: allies warn Trump his immigration argument isn't resonating; Nadler: "I expect the President to lie to the American people"; Trump: "I can relate" to furloughed, unpaid federal workers; Bolton: U.S. to stay in Syria until allies' defense "assured"; Trump: "I never said" we'd leave Syria quickly; Trump last month: U.S. troops coming back from Syria now; Hundreds of U.S. forces may be sent to Syria to help with pullout; Biden's brother: Biden could "annihilate" Trump in 2020; Warren, Harris, Castro give previews of potential 2020 race; McAuliffe dismisses ideas by far-left Democrats; Castro defends 70% tax on rich to pay for progressive ideas; NYT: Democrats used phony messaging in Alabama Senate race; Ruth Bader Ginsburg misses arguments for 1st time in 25 years; Could Trump get a third Supreme Court pick?; High court will decide transgender military ban, 2020 census; Despite Trump denials, parts of salacious dossier prove true; Fact check: after denials, Trump's Fm. Lawyer admits to Russian business dealings through summer 2016; Fact check: Despite denials, at least 16 Trump associates had contacts with Russia during campaign, transition; Putin confirms claim in dossier, says he wanted Trump to win via Knit

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Trump signs spending bill despite veto threat; Critics fear Bolton hire signals hawkish turn; Ex-Playmate&actress describe affairs with Trump; First lady's office silent on ex-Playmate's interview; Students to rally nationwide against gun violence
March 23, 2018