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Source: Trump more troubled by Cohen than Comey; Stormy team offers $100k reward for info on man in sketch; Stormy Daniels asks public to help "ID the thug" who threatened her; Judge: Cohen's legal team can review seized records; Michael Cohen's mystery client is Sean Hannity; Stormy Daniels' lawyer: Michael Cohen will flip on Trump; Comey: Trump's leadership "threatening some of our values"; Trump lashes out at Comey; implies he should be in jail; Comey: we're numb to Trump accusing people of crimes; Comey: the danger of Trump is we will become numb to this; Comey: "I'm not trying to make fun of President Trump"; Haley on Sunday: sanctions against Russia are coming; WH: Haley may have been accused about sanctions claim; WH walks back Haley's Russia sanctions announcement; Kudlow: Haley got "ahead of the curve" on announcement; Sen. Corker: sounds like "confusion" from WH on Russia sanctions; State Department: new Russia sanctions could come soon; Albright: "I feel sorry" for U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley; Trump: Direct, high level talks with North Korea have started; Woman nearly sucked out of window during deadly plane incident; Sean Penn's new satirical novel takes on U.S. culture; Penn on book: "one has to redefine satire" due to Trump; Penn: some Americans voted out of rage and pain; Sean Penn takes on Trump in new novel via Knit

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