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AG Barr: Mueller helping to identify areas for redactions; AG Barr: expect report within a week, redactions will be color-coded by reason with explanations; AG Barr vows to try to accommodate congress on redacted info; AG Barr: Mueller declined offer to see summary before release ; Barr: will color-code and explain redactions in report; Trump denies reported plans to reinstate family separations; Some republicans warn Trump against more DHS firings and hardline immigration approach ; Trump wrongly claims Obama had policy separating families, says he stopped it; Romney: I'm troubled by vaccines at DHS, it's dangerous; Rep. Eric Swalwell joins crowded democratic field; How do candidates stand out in largest dem field in decades?; Israel's election too close to call, both sides claim victory; Shocking stat: study shows Native American women 10 times more likely to be murdered via Knit

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