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Trump says he fired Bolton, Bolton days he resigned; Source: Bolton's exit result of dysfunctional cutthroat, snake it atmosphere in Trump admin; Bolton's exit comes after repeated clashes with Trump, Pompeo, and others; Sen. Menendez reacts to John Bolton's exit; Sources: Bolton's exit comes after argument with Trump over Taliban meeting at camp David; CNN poll: white men only demographic where majority approves of Trump's handling of jobs; CNN poll: 60% say president Trump doesn't deserve re-election; CNN poll: approval of Trump on economy dips below 50%; New CNN poll: 43% say Trump doing a good job keeping campaign promises, down from 52% in October 2018; New CNN poll: 71% say they do not trust most of what they hear from the White House; CNN: CIA spy extracted from Russia had access to Putin, could photograph Russian government documents; Heated NC congressional race tests Trump's 2020 chances; New iPhone features multiple cameras for wider shots. via Knit

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