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AG Barr refuses to testify before House Judiciary Cmte; WH complained Mueller should have made decision on obstruction, not given "road map" to Congress; Sanders: Nadler "incapable" of holding power, "pathetic" his committee can't ask Barr questions; Sanders slams House Democrats as Barr skips more questioning; Barr raises suspicion of his independence with "we" response; Trump's likely fed pick withdraws after sexist comments; Biden criticized for saying China "is not competition for us"; Early polls show most top Dems leading Trump head-to-head; Kamala Harris responds to Trump calling her "nasty"; Facebook bans "dangerous" Farrakhan, Alex Jones, others; Cruise ship reportedly owned by Church of Scientology quarantined after measles case confirmed onboard via Knit

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New CNN Polls As Government Nears Shutdown; Cornyn: Procedural Teat Vote Could Come Sometime This Afternoon Or Early Morning; Government Heading For Shutdown Without Funding Deal; CDC Warns Shutdown Will Impact Ability To Fight The Flu; Documentary Look
January 19, 2018

New CNN Pol