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Politico: Pelosi said she'd rather see Trump jailed than impeached; U.S.-Mexico delegations huddle in DC before tariff deadline; WH: Mexico not offering enough to avoid Trump's tariffs; Top WH economic adviser once warned Trump's trade plans would pose "incalculable damage" to U.S. economy; 3 Americans die in 5 days at same Dominican Republic resort; Couple says they were poisoned at same resort where 3 Americans died; Biden defends 1994 crime bill as Trump, 2020 Dems pounce; Ex-national security adviser Michael Flynn fires his lawyer; Inside Michael Cohen's life behind bars; Source: Michael Cohen is a celebrity in prison; Source: Michael Cohen working on prison heating/AC system; 97-year-old WWII vet parachutes into Normandy again via Knit

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Trump Says Vote Roy Moore!, Campaigning Tonight; RNC Chairwoman: Allegations Disturbing, If Proven True; Rep Franks Resigns After Talking Surrogacy With Staffers; Mueller Investigation Reveals Trove Of Docs; DOW, S&P 500 Close At Record Highs