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AG Barr: I'm concerned about unauthorized surveillance of Trump campaign by intel community in 2016 election; Sen. Warner: Barr's comments show "lack of understanding or willful ignorance"; Trump goes on new border rant while visiting Texas; Trump claims "I would love to" release taxes, but under audit; Kellyanne Conway defends Trump over tax returns, after saying in 2016 he should release them; Trump says people don't care about his tax returns; CNN poll: 67% want Trump to release returns; Trump: I'm the only one running immigration policy; Some 2020 candidates back Sanders' "Medicare for All" plan; Warren pulls in more than $6 million in first quarter haul; Warren reconfirms vow to reject high-dollar donations via Knit

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The Las Vegas shooter was an accountant and the son of one of the FBI's most wanted, Massacre on the Vegas Strip: At least 58 dead, 500+ injured, Puerto Rico's nightmare recovery: 'I don't want to live here anymore'
October 2, 2017