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U.S. Intel Chief talks for first time since clashing with Trump on Russian interference; Intel Chief: "obviously, I wished" Trump had made "different" comments; Intel Chief: "important to take a stand" against Trump comments; Intel Chief: "I'm concerned about a cyber 9/11"; Intel Chief: "I don't know what happened" in Trump-Putin meeting; WH: Trump disagrees with Russia's offer to question Americans; Republicans lead symbolic vote to rebuke Russia's offer to interrogate Americans; Intel Chief visibly surprised by news Putin possibly visiting U.S.; Zinke's calendar obscures key details about meetings; Ethics expert: it's important Zinke keeps accurate calendar; DEM Rep: congress must step in if Zinke doesn't fix calendar; Ethics expert: is Zinke hiding something illegal?; Trump tries to talk tough on Putin, but doesn't get the "fuss"; WH struggles to clarify Trump's position on Russia; Big break: police identify suspects, say they fled to Russia; British police: facial tech revealed poisoning suspects via Knit

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