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Trump: "Fraudster" Cohen "directly" asked me for a pardon; Trump: I feel very badly for Paul Manafort; Trump uses Manafort sentencing as evidence of "no collusion"; Sources: Trump consumed by Cohen, brings him up in briefings, calls and meetings; Trump: Democrats have become anti-Israel, anti-Jewish party; White House Communications Director Bill Shine resigns; Bill Shine leaves White House, joins Trump's 2020 campaign; NYT: Shine's campaign job is just to "save face"; Harris on Manafort: "absolute unfairness" in judicial system; Judge could give Manafort 10 more years in prison next week; Manafort faces DC judge Wednesday for next sentencing; Warren announces plan to break up Amazon, Google, Facebook; Biden's past comes back to haunt him as he mulls 2020 run; Fmr MD Rep fights for 2020 traction after running for 2 years; Delaney: I think Americans are tired of party's extremes; George Conway takes digs at Trump in rare public appearance; Kellyanne Conway's husband continues to publicly slam President via Knit

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