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Wash post: Trump ordered staff to deal with NOAA tweet that contracted him on Alabama & hurricane; Trump denies he told chief of staff to make NOAA disavow forecasters who contradicted him; Trump's long history with conspiracies and twisting facts; CNN poll: 71% don't trust most of what they hear from WH; Trump insists he fired Bolton as National security advisor; Trump brings up his cancelled Taliban talks in 9/11 memorial speech at Pentagon; Trump on possible mtg with Iran's Rouhani: "not looking at anything"; Trump denies plans to meet with Iran's leader at U.N., Pompeo yesterday said Trump is prepared to meet; New CNN poll: Joe Biden leads field with 24% support, Elizabeth Warren at 18%, Bernie Sanders at 17%; Poll: Biden lead rests on support among black voters; CNN poll: Biden's lead among those who prioritize a candidate who can beat Trump shrinks some since August; CNN poll: 45% are "very enthusiastic" about voting in 2020; Sources: NY prosecutors interview Michael Cohen about Trump org possibly falsifying business records; Patriots' Antonio Brown accused of rape by ex-trainer; Pro Publica: RNC analytics omitting how voters feel about Trump; via Knit

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