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Trump claims Comey memos show no obstruction, collusion; DNC sues Trump campaign & Russia, alleging conspiracy; Roger Stone to NYT: Trump treats Cohen "like garbage"; NYT: Trump lawyers resigned to strong chance Cohen cooperates; Michael Cohen's lawyer: Cohen could be indicted soon; Putin in Jan. 2017: Russian prostitutes "best in the world"; Comey: Trump has "a hunger for affirmation"; Reporter: Trump's wealth was closer to $5M than $100M; Reporter: Trump posed as spokesman, lied to embellish wealth; CNN obtains Comey memos about conversations with Trump; WH tells CNN: Comey raising concerns now to "sell books"; Giuliani joining Trump legal team to help end Mueller probe; Comey: Giuliani's comments prompted FBI investigation; Stormy Daniels' legal fight heads back to court; Stormy Daniels lawyers says she's been threatened via Knit

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