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WH: Franken Admitted Wrongdoing, The President Hasn't; Trump On His Sexual Misconduct Accusers: "Every Woman Lied"; Tweet Puts Past Accusations Against Trump In Spotlight; Trump Blasts Franken, But Stays Silent on Moore; WH: Roy Moore Allegations "Extremely Troubling"; Gillibrand: Bill Clinton Should Have Resigned Over Lewinsky; McCo nnell Sending Memo To Trump On Moore Options; Alabama Gov Today: I Plan To Vote For Roy Moore; Moore Tried to Rally Base Amid Sex Abuse Allegations; Senators: Kushner Withheld Wikileaks, Russia-Related Emails; Sources: Mueller Seeking Docs From Trump Campaign; Republicans Promising Tax Cuts Now, But Not Forever; Analysis: $1.5 Trillion Estimate For Tax Cuts Is Too Low; Will Republican Tax Cuts cost You More Later?; Moore Defiantly Vows To Stay In The Race; Medal Of Honor Recipient Talks Recovery, War on Terror; Medal Of Honor Recipient: I Always Think About The Men We Lost; Medal Of Honor Recipient: My Mind Was My Toughest Enemy"; Captain Groberg: I Thought About Committing Suicide; Captain Groberg: Meeting Amputee Changed My Outlook via Knit

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