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Prosecutors: Epstein "was well aware" many victims were minors; Prosecutors: Epstein sexually abused "dozens of minor girls"; Prosecutors charge politically-connected financier Jeffrey Epstein with operating trafficking ring, sexually abusing minors; Trump on accused predator Epstein in 2002: "terrific guy"; Any moment: Women's soccer world champions return to U.S.; Warren raises $19.1M in 2nd quarter, more than Sanders & Harris; Swalwell is first Dem to drop out of 2020 race for president; Poll: Biden is only 2020 Dem with wide lead over Trump in hypothetical matchup; Harris courts South Carolina voters after sparring with Biden; Harris struggles to clarify her busing stance after attacking Biden's past positions at debate; Daily Mail: U.K. ambassador said Trump administration "uniquely dysfunctional"; Daily Mail: In leaked cables, U.K. ambassador said Trump survives controversy like Schwarzenegger in "Terminator"; NYT: Scabies & shingles outbreaks at detention center; children left unfed, unbathed; Trump: Migrants in detention centers "very happy... in much better shape"; Trump administration continues fight for census question; Barr: Decision on census "in the next day or two"; Barr: Mueller testimony is being done by Dems for "public spectacle"; Trump lauds admin for leadership on environment as U.S. rolls back regulations, pulls out of Paris accord; Trump offers revisionist history on California wildfires; Trump puts questionable price tag on Green New Deal at $100 trillion; Happening now: Women's soccer world champions return to U.S.; U.S. women's team arrives home after winning World Cup via Knit

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Brand new CNN polls on Trump approval, Stormy saga; Stormy Daniels suing Trump lawyer for defamation; U.S. expels 60 Russian diplomats over UK nerve agent attack; Trump voters in Missouri weigh in on the President
March 26, 2018

Brand new CNN polls