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North Korea suspends talks with South Korea over U.S. Drills; Aides: White House caught off guard by North Korea Warning; North Korea warns U.S. as it suspends South Korea talks over military drills; Senate GOP & Trump didn't talk about McCain, Chinese firm; Trump pick for national security post wouldn't use ZTE device; McConnnell: WH aide should apologize publicly for McCain comment; Trump visits first lady at Walter Reed; Qatari investor confirms he attended Trump Tower meeting in 2016; Michael Cohen "popped into" meeting with Qatari; Michael Cohen falsely claimed Trump Org. had no Russia Business; Trump WH focused on leaks, not cruel McCain comments; Trump: leakers are "traitors and cowards"; Conway: staff changes coming to the WH as result of leaks; Meghan McCain: leaks are a sign of disloyalty; Trump denies leaks, calls leakers "traitors and cowards"; Cast of Hamilton performs for George H.W. Bush via Knit

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