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WaPo: Trump didn't bring up spy poisoning despite advice; Sen. Collins: Trump should not comment on Mueller probe; Former CIA director: I think Trump is afraid of Putin; Trump defends his "congrats" to Putin; Trump: "Getting along with Putin is a good thing"; 75m+ people impacted by nor'easter, heavy snow; Zuckerberg: Facebook made mistakes with data firm; Stormy Daniels tweets about alleged affair with Trump; Judge rules reality star's case against Trump can proceed; Playboy Playmate sues to detail alleged affair with Trump; Trump's lawyers insist Stormy Daniels must stay silent; Lawyers for tabloid company say Playmate free to speak; Columnist: Trump met his match with Stormy Daniels; Senate Cmte: Russians tried to hack 21 states in 2016; Trump: getting alone with a good thing!"; Sessions' lawyer: Mueller not investigating Sessions for false statements or perjury; Any minute: authorities update Austin bombings via Knit

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