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Former VP Biden launches 2020 campaign with Trump attacks; Biden enters race, immediately takes aim at Trump, but what about other democratic contenders; Biden: "I asked Obama not to endorse; Biden slams Trump's Charlottesville response in 2020 launch; Biden becomes 20th democratic candidate for President; Biden up to Dem Voters to decide who is best to take on Trump; Biden to attend campaign fundraiser in Philadelphia next hour; Sources: Biden rallies donors on call, says he'll be judged by earl fundraising haul; NYT: Biden called Anita Hill to express his regret over Thomas hearings; Sources: Allies urging Trump to declare victory and move on, but he's gearing up for a fight instead; Trump at war with Dems, vows to fight "all" subpoenas; FBI raids Baltimore Mayor's home as corruption probe escalates; Franklin Graham attacks Buttigieg for being a gay Christian; Russia rolls out red carpet for Kim Jog Un meeting; Putin talks t Kim Jong Un about denuclearizing peninsula; Putin gives Kim Jong Un a sabre and Russian tea set; menu of Putin, Kim dinner revealed, included cheesecake; FBI raids Baltimore Mayor's home amid corruption probe into children's book; United Shades of America premieres Sunday at 10 et/pt via Knit

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