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Macron: we will restore Notre Dame in 5 years; Parisians fill the streets in the Cathedral vigil; Workers scramble to preserve Notre Dame's infrastructure; Some priceless relics were rescued from fire; House Judiciary Cmte demands info from acting DHS Secy over CNN report Trump offer him pardon; Trump: no regrets over video attacking Rep. Omar; Dems subpoena banks, accounting firm for Trump financial info; Eric Trump: subpoenas "unprecedented abuse of power"; White House braces for redacted Mueller report Thursday; Trump fundraising highlights his head start over 2020 Dems; Dems fundraise off Trump numbers: "we must keep pace"; Trump campaign out-raises every 2020 dem in first quarter; CNN'S K-file uncovers Kudlow & Moore, now Trump loyalists, blasting Trump's policies before his election; Kudlow in 2015: Trump's mass deportation policy "reminds us of the worst parts of World War Two"; Gold Star husband returns to U.S. after being deported by ICE; CDC: Measles cases at second-highest level in U.S. in 25 years; At least 38 people infected with Measles in Detroit area via Knit

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Russia test-fires Satan 2 long-range missile; CNN: Mueller pushed for ex-Trump aide's help on collusion; WH social media director to take Hicks' old office; Independent autopsy: Stephon Clark was shot 8 times; Parkland teen refusing Fox host apology
March 30, 2018