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Deadly category 2 hurricane lashes the Carolina's; U.S. Coast Guard rescues 135 people from Bahamas; Harrowing accounts of survival in Bahamas; Powerful winds, heavy rain battering South Carolina coast; Power lines spark, transformers blow in Charleston; Tornadoes hit Carolina's as hurricane Dorian moves along coast; Trump relentlessly defends claim Dorian threatened Alabama; CNN reporter spends 24-hours on ravaged Abaco Islands; Trump admin moves $3.6 Billion from Pentagon funds for Border Wall; Mattis on Trump's decision to divert military funds for wall; Mattis: If you haven't read hundreds of books, you're functionally illiterate; Trump's Ex-Defense Secretary weighs in on Russia on the world stage; Mattis: In the military, we "ride for the brand"; Powerful winds, heavy rain battering South Carolina coast via Knit

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