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Sources: Trump told border agents not to let migrants in, and to tell judges we don't have room; Sources: Trump has been pushing to not only reinstate, but expand family separation policy; First on CNN: Trump removing Secret Service director; Sources: Nielsen believed President Trump increasingly "unhinged" about border, made likely unlawful requests; Sources: Stephen Miller wants to get rid of more DHS officials; In new email, Secret Service director says he wasn't fired, but was told weeks ago to expect "transition in leadership"; Amy Klobuchar raises $5.2m in first 2020 fundraising haul; Cory Booker raises $5m in first 2020 fundraising haul; Obama warns progressive Dems to avoid "circular firing squad"; 3 U.S. service members killed in Afghanistan explosion; Source: safari company paid ransom to free American woman via Knit

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Price out as HHS secretary after private plane scandal, It's been 9 days. Puerto Rico has almost no cell service, DOJ wants Facebook info on 'anti-administration activists'
September 29, 2017

Price out a