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Acosta blames state prosecutor's office: They were ready to let Epstein walk without jail time; Acosta defends secret plea deal for Jeffrey Epstein; Acosta: We now have hindsight & live in a different world; Acosta: We did the deal because we wanted to see Epstein in jail; Harris follows Warren and Sanders in attaching campaigns to Ocasio-Cortez; Pelosi makes unity pitch after spat with Ocasio-Cortez saying "Make me the target", not new Democrats; Warren confronted at campaign event, makes promise on Israeli occupations; U.K. ambassador resigns after Trump attacks him over leaked cable; U.K. ambassador to U.S. says he can't continue in job, returning to Britain; U.K. PM candidate refused to back embattled ambassador to U.S.; Girls celebrate their role models at World Cup parade via Knit

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