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First lady's jacket reads: "I really don't care. Do u?"; WH scrambles to contain fallout, confusion over policy change; Trump fumes at democrats over immigration policy; DOJ asks judge for permission to detain families past 20 days; Now Sessions says he "never really intended" to separate kids; Time cover imagines Trump towering over sobbing toddler; Unclear when & how 2,300 kids will be reunited with parents; No details on whether separated children will be reunited; HHS awaits further guidance on reunification process; Fact check: did the Obama admin. separate families?; ACLU: immigrant kids abused in custody during Obama admin.; First lady makes unannounced trip to Texas; Ivanka Trump: it's time to focus on reuniting families; Court docs: teen boy says he was held down for drug injections; Court docs: child alleges being strapped to chair naked; Trump says he's considering meeting Putin next month via Knit

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