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New CNN Poll: Biden support down 10%, support for Harris up 9%; New CNN Poll: Only 4 candidates polling above 5%: Biden 22%, Harris 17%, Warren 15% and Sanders 14%; New CNN Poll: Harris, Warren make steep gains after first debates; NYT: Trump may allow N. Korea to keep nukes in exchange for freeze; Ivanka embraces role as top adviser, diplomat & daughter; Trump praises Putin, Kim Jong Un & Saudi Crown Prince at World Summit; Iran breaches uranium limit agreed to in 2015 nuke deal; Sources: Pompeo's taxpayer-funded security used for personal errands; Sources: Pompeo's security detail used to pick up dog, Chinese food; Hong Kong police use tear gas after protesters storm gov't headquarters forcing an evacuation; Ocasio-Cortez details "unconscionable" conditions at migrant centers on U.S.-Mexico border; Ocasio-Cortez says migrants forced to drink out of toilets at border detention centers; CBP investigating offensive posts in secret Facebook group for border agents; Artist let go after drawing scathing image of Trump via Knit

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