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Trump: considering national emergency powers to build wall; Trump: could build wall without congress by declaring a national emergency; Trump: "proud of what I'm doing" with shutdown, border; Democrats: shutdown must end before talks on border wall; Trump says wall can be steel, despite campaigning on concrete; Some Republicans ready to re-open govt. without border wall funding; CNN Poll: majority of Americans oppose border wall; GOP Rep. King: Trump shouldn't listen to conservative caucus; Trump: Govt can seize, but private land to build border wall; Trump: Pelosi told me she isn't looking to impeach me; New Dem Rep. Tlaib: "we're gonna impeach the mother f****r"; CNN Poll: 80% of Democrats want Trump impeached; Hose Democrats divided on impeaching President; Warren makes first trip to Iowa amid likely 2020 bid; Potential Dem candidates courting Clinton for support; Warren: "It's right to get our troops out of Syria" via Knit

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