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Partial govt. shutdown enters tenth day; Kelly: Pres. Trump's wall is actually not a "wall"; Sources: Trump refusing to budge on wall funding; CNN: House Dems to vote on govt. funding bill Thursday; Trump defends eventual troop withdrawal from Syria; Graham: Trump thinking about best course in Syria; Military tweets unusual New Year's Eve message saying U.S. ready to drop bombs; Sen. Warren announces she's exploring a presidential run; Warren defends DNA test: "I put it all out there"; Dow rises 265 points to cap off volatile 2018; Stock market tries to rebound from rough month; Trump takes credit for market's highs, but not lows; Russia detains U.S. citizen "caught in the act of spying"; Russia detains U.S. citizen hours after Putin claims he is "open to dialogue" with Trump; State Dept. "aware" of detention of U.S. citizen in Russia via Knit

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