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Every Week, A.J. Benza takes a deep dive into some of Hollywood's most notorious scandals. He sets the stage, the mood at the time and even interview opinion makers and those close to the investigation to uncover new evidence, new angles and even perhaps a new outcome that you might not have considered. You make think you know the story behind Tupac and Biggie Smalls; the circumstances behind the death of Heath Ledger and that one night in LA when Lana Clarkson was shot at music mogul Phil Spector's home. What really happened, behind the scenes? Many new facts are emerging and A.J. presents thoughts and findings that might lead to new headlines and ways of thinking about each one of these events. via Knit

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Tiger Woods Part 1: Prodigy, Tragedy or Both

A.J. Benza


Actor, Father, Coach. Author of 74 and Sunny @ReelzChannel host #CaseClosed. Exec Prod. @SoBItFilm. Reporter American Media Inc.

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